Final TESSe2b Workshop/General Assembly and Steering Committee Meeting in Portugal (and CINEA-ENA 1st Setúbal International Conference on Energy and Sustainability)
17-20 September 2019 Setúbal, Portugal.
This final TESSe2b Workshop − one day after CINEA-ENA 1st Setúbal International Conference on Energy and Sustainability − was the last opportunity for the TESSe2b consortium to know, in a close and direct way, the questions and expectations of a wide range of stakeholders about the TESSe2b solution.

The two events, which had a significant number of participants from different areas − installers; manufacturers; energy agencies; academic bodies and others – allowed a better knowledge about TESSe2b solution’s innovative features, as well as about the project work’s progress (and some of the results obtained so far), as the project meets in its last month of implementation.

After that, in the two-day meeting between the TESSe2b Consortium − General Assembly and Steering Committee Meeting − TESSe2b partners had the possibility to discuss personally, some issues about the final works, before the Review Meeting in Brussels, in October.


TESSe2b project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under the Grant Agreement number 680555.
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